About: Medical Transcription Inc.

We are a group of at-home workers who have provided transcription for more than 28 years. We do all types of transcription – medical, legal, and business. Our transcriptionists, trained and experienced in all areas of medicine working for hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

We are careful, conscientious, and consummate professionals. Since all of our transcriptionists are here in the US, there is no language barrier to the English language, our accuracy exceeds 99%. Our transcribers excel at English-second-language (ESL) dictation.

We never offshore any of the dictation submitted to us for completion. We believe this is a huge violation of the most basic privacy laws and HIPAA regulations. Our tenure as transcriptionists and editors, have seen the horrible product produced by sending transcription offshore. When transcription is sent offshore, it returns with so many errors that an American transcriptionist needs to practically retype it.

Letting us do your transcription, saves you dollars in payroll. You cannot hire a professional transcriptionist, as well-trained as our transcriptionists, to come in and produce transcription for what you would pay us.

Taxes, required benefits, sick days, vacation time, and turnover concerns are of no concern when hiring our company. These ancillary costs and the  headaches of having in-house transcriptionists can really mount up for your business.

Please let us show you how we can save you money and lower your transcription costs.

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